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Network Staff Admining
To create several gaming sites full of information to provide to the public to make a name for yourself.  But most of all, LEARN and gain KNOWLEDGE from working with a team of knowledgeable entrepreneurs.  If this is not your goal...quit here.


Content Providers / Writers
This position is available for every site. The main purpose is to either gather or create you're own content that can be used on the sites. This works in much of the same way that the content submission program works, except that if the same person is constantly doing it, they are let on as a full staff member. 

This position requires the greatest skill levels. Knowledge in html and PHP is a must. Content providers  This position usually also includes a roll as a content provider, but is not specifically that alone. See the "Network Admins" heading below for more details about becoming a site admin.

Forum Moderator
For this job you must already be an active and helpful member on the boards at If you go there you'll be able to read in the bottom of the announcements what is expected if you wish to become a moderator. Most staff that are either Content Providers or Admins will automatically get this job at their own choosing, but it is available as a separate task.

News Poster
This is simply if you're interested in updating all, or just particular sites with news. This is all done through our forums at Email us to apply.

-The main benefit you should be here for is to learn something and to feel good about giving what you can give back to the community as you learn and have fun.  Anything below this point should only be considered secondary.
-Staff members that continue to stay active and help the community grow will be offered their own personal web space/domain on our server to run their own site, whatever that may be, and possibly some other perks.
-Another benefit for active staff members: we give some advertising slots to those who are consistent staff leaders so you will be able to earn money through the site you're administrating. When you are ready, we will guide you on who to sign up with, where your ad will be placed and any other info/help if needed. Or perhaps you have your own banner you'd like to promote for another site? That can be done too.


Note that if the game site doesn't already exist that you're looking to admin a site for, you'll need to mention that when you email us. Depending on the games popularity ect. we may or may not choose to integrate it with our networks.

If you meet the requirements to successfully admin a game site (See heading "Requirements" below) you will be provided with a design. This is simply to keep the feel and flow of the network sites smooth. If the template for the site isn't already made it may take up to two weeks for it to be completed.


-HTML - Know it like the back of your hand.
-Basic JavaScript
-Basic PHP (You'll mostly just need to learn how to avoid editing the existing code, but you will need a good understanding of how include commands work. Anything else is optional depending on how/if you want to use it within the actual content)

Either a portfolio or a small example of your skills just to see how experienced you are. Another words, if you've never worked on any sites before you will not be qualified enough to run a network game site as an admin. .

This is only brought up because the network pages strive on consistency which makes it easier to later backup, update, and allows other staff to relate to your code ect. incase something errors. Its also easier to do mass changes to something that occurs on multiple pages if it is something consistent. This is also why knowledge of PHP is important with the include commands.

-Limited/No Downloads: We say limited because we do host a few of the smaller downloads. Usually anything around 100kb/500kb or smaller (depends on the amount of downloads). is used because we don't make mass amounts of money running these sites and thus cant pay for the hundreds, and perhaps thousands of dollars in bandwidth.
-All FTP uploads/downloads are monitored. If you need to use space for another purpose, please check with appropriate staff first. Abuse of server will immediately kick you off the staff team.  Once again, resources cost money and extra server bills will not help keep the network going.

For quick response INCLUDE AT LEAST ONE OF THESE in your message:  AIM/AOL, MSN Messenger. Be sure to mention what position you're interested, and as many details necessary based on what job you've chosen. Info about your past experience, interests, and list of you're favorite games is also helpful. You can contact us using this FORM.