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How Playing Video Games Makes Me Money Online

It comes down to being an expert at the game you play. When you play and finish a game you become an expert at that game. Just like someone sitting in an office doing any job. You gain experience and expertise. You can easily make money by sharing that knowledge and monetizing passively on top of that effort. Here's how how I've been doing it:

Short Version:
1. Play a video game.
2. Write about it (anything... Cheats, Tips, Walkthroughs etc.)
3. Started learning a bit of HTML so I can put up my own website.
4. Put content up and share it with the community.
5. Continue to find different methods of income or companies I can signup with (advertisers or affiliates) and throw them up on the site. I also continue to learn how to better automate the websites I put up so that they require less and less effort. This is not hard.
6. I then take other areas of interest (ya sometimes you need a break from games) and apply the same concepts.

Long Story Short:
The effort I put into something once, earns me a gaining passive income over time. I've been doing this since I was 14 and am still raking in passive income from content I put up over 8 years ago on a monthly basis.

NOTE: I'll tell you right now, I am not trying to sell you anything by sharing this with you. I want to tell you how you can start trying to do this and it doesn't cost a thing. I explain a lot of the methods I use in free tutorials at RobMalon.Com

The Long Story:
Granted my living expenses were low at 14, but as I got older, I continued to run,, and other sites. Continued to expand them and increase their value. Since then, I have learned how to automate websites (outside of game sites as well) and can easily make a living with the income that my sites generate though ads and affiliate programs.

I Want To Do That TOO!!!
The nice thing about putting a website up and earning income on it is about twenty times easier today then it was when I got started. So while I've been at this for 9 years making money online while gaming, you'll probably be skipping some chapters.

I've had enough people email me about how I go about doing this that I started RobMalon.Com where I'm sharing a lot of my howto's, secrets, and tips/tricks so you can follow in my footsteps a bit. Giving you some of the techniques I use to automate content and sharing the money makers I use to produce some great passive income while I keep on playing video games.

The best part is I've been able to expand this technique to my other interests outside of gaming!

Blogging, An Easy Gateway Income:
I wish fancy software like was around when I got started. The time I would have saved! If you don't have a server I'd highly suggest you throw something up on or blogger. If you have one, get the downloadable Wordpress and start playing!

Keep in mind there's a learning curve with everything. You WILL NOT start with a high income. If you choose to get involved in doing this there are various steps and trial/errors you'll go through before it gets to be as easy as it sounds. I'm not here to mislead you. It involves some work. If you think you can scapegoat through life and find an easy way out or find some money making scheme that requires zero effort then I'm sorry to say it does not exist! What I teach is a means to apply something, anything, you enjoy so that your work and effort to make money is on YOUR terms. Doing something you love! I am in fact claiming that work can be as fun as playing your favorite video game!

Some Quick Math:
Lets say you post one page of content with a CPC (cost per click) Ad on it. We'll assume that a page you put up gets 50 visitors a day and one of those visitors clicks on that ad. Also assuming each ad click is worth about 25 cents, after a week you'd have $1.75. After a month you'd have $7.00. After 3 months: $21.00. Now, for something that took about an hour to produce. You've pretty well broken even. And way more if you're only making minimum wage at an existing job. Now, anything past that 3 months is purely extra falloff (which I've been collecting on a lot of the content I wrote 8 years ago - you do the math). - Note, this example is not an exact science. There are some cases where earnings are much higher, and some which are much lower. It depends on several factors like the quality of the content, the keywords you use, the niche/topic the content falls under, and a few other things which I go into more depth on over at RobMalon.Com.

I have been posting various info and resources at RobMalon.Com. Poke around, get some ideas. If that site doesn't help you then I try my best to lead you in the right direction from there. Best of luck and drop me any questions or suggestions on the contact form of that site if you're stuck. I do my best to respond to everyone and/or post a guide of information on questions that are asked.