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Made this section to make my e-mails a little easier.  Please read this section first before you e-mail me.  If the answer is in here ill just refer you to this area anyway (or delete it if I'm feeling lazy (Most likely)).  It will save us both time.  If a question gets asked that's not up here then Ill add it.

Diablo 1

Question: Answer:
Why do my items change when I import them and then go to a new game? This is my understanding.  If I'm wrong E-Mail me with what you know.  But, Diablo has ID codes for each legit item in the game.  After every new game it checks for a item ID.  If it doesn't match one from the database it changes it to to closest number within the database.  Which is why your Item changes.  This is why each item has to be reimported into the game.
How do you use a trainers??? Contact the creator and ask him.  I don't cheat that much and don't have experience in every trainer. 
How do you add the downloadable characters? Toss them in your Diablo 1 directory.  That will allow you to chose it when you run the game.
Do you even play D1 anymore? Not really.  I only go into it to work on my dat that I'm making for it.  When that's done. No.  Well maybe once or twice a month.  Not often...

Diablo 2

Question: Answer:
How do you use trainers??? Contact the creator and ask him.  I don't cheat that much and don't have experience in every trainer. 
How do you use a downloaded Character File? Find in your Diablo 2 directory a folder named "Save"  That holds all your chars.  Toss them in the appropriate places in there and your all set.
How do I load Items onto My Open B-net/Single character? Go to the Editors section and Download a Editor that says in its description that it allows you to import/export items.  Install it and use it to add your items.  Its pretty self explanatory from there.
Do you have any more Realm/Mac hacks? I promise you all that as soon as I get more hacks for these two things or any other thing that Ill post it on the site.
What's the difference between and Opened and Closed character? An Open char is stored locally on your HD and a Closed char is stored on Blizzards servers to allow safety from cheats.
Is there an official place to get answers to questions not here? Yes.  Battle-Net has a FAQ area on their ste:

Other Site Related ?'s

Question: Answer:
How do I use the files on your site? To use all my files you will need a program called WinZip.  You can get it at
I cant download from your site that is off of Why??? Let me first explain that 50megs is very tight with some security aspects of it.  To fix this problem do 1 or more of the following:
A) Reload the page.
B) Use Internet Explorer instead of Netscape.
C) Make sure your not on another site and then just paste in the link at the address line, an hit enter.  You must be actually on the site to d/l.  (not my choice.  50megs is a pain)
Can you put a LINK to my site on your page? For most people and web newbies the answer is no.  You must understand my position in this and that I'd prefer not to clutter up this or any of my other sites with links that don't get as many hits as this site.  Though if you are interested in linking to me go to the Link To Me section and post a link on site.  I have a way of keeping logs of what sites my hits are coming from.  For example: If you email me and you only get 50 hits a day, but 40 of those people visited my site, then I think I could arrange something special for you.
Can you send me secret hacks and cheats? I post all the files I have unless they are still awaiting the wonderful little thing we call an "Update".  I also wont send anyone any files if they are having server problems when d/ling stuff on the site.  Chances are you need to reconnect or my site is down for the moment.  In which case restart your computer or wait for the server to get back up.
Hi I recently got pissed at a lot of hackers I was playing against.  Now I want revenge I want to learn how to hack.  Will you teach me? HAHAHAHA. no
I need a special file so that I can hack better? If its not on my page it either A. hasn't come out yet B. going to be up in a future update.  My schedule does not revolve around the 30 people a week who ask me this.
Your site Isn't updated everyday...WHY?!?! Rarely It might be but, I don't have enough time (and I have a chain of other web pages to work on).  Plus if there is no update for a while expect something big next update.  Hint Hint...A Hack/Crack/Program made by me...etc.
Your site sucks and I'd print it out only to shit on it!!! How does that make you feel? OK.  Just don't waste too much paper.