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Uber Bosses Character Strategies

by Bio.Hazard

Description: Your average killer, great for getting the keys themselves. Also, great at killing enemies that are immune to all types of attacks. May die quite a bit without a powerful merc, or without several of them to have multiple auras. 9/10
Description: Does quite a bit of damage, while stunning the enemies at the same time. Great to be used with life tap and high life leeches. Quite possibly the only character that can kill all of the tristram bosses by itself. 10/10
Description: Can attack multiple amounts of physical damage, with attacking 5 times, you can get a huge amount of life taps and leech lifes going to survive while dealing well into 10k's. 7/10

Description: Great with fast connections only, although known as the 'lagomancers' they are also great as a party member because they can be great meat shields if their summons are strong enough to survive. 4/10
Description: Can be used to deal good damage from a distance along with piercing targets using bone spears. Can also be used to trap minion spawn points with several bone walls. 6/10

Blizzard Sorc
Description: A good member of any party, can contribute well with her impressive damage and ability to freeze and slow all targets. Very good because of Cold Mastery's ability to give -enemy cold resist. Weak against the high amounts of cold immunities. 8/10
Fire Sorc
Description: A strong character in any party, the fire sorc. can dish out high amounts of damage and can cover a great distance in area. Fire Sorcs. can also enchant other melee characters such as the zealer, smiter, and barbarian. Weak against the high amounts of fire immunities. 7/10

Wind Druid
Description: A good elemental absorb sheild. Good in parties without a blizzard sorc. to slow targets. Although cold is a common immunity throughout the 'final quest' areas, it is good to bring along just for the Oak Sage (not that any of your summons will live). Weak against any monsters that are immune to it, and will be found to die often if not exersized with caution. 6/10

Description: Good to do high amounts of lightning damage to many targets. Weak against lightning immunes and will be found to die quite often if found anywhere other than on the outskirts of the screen casting. 5/10

Description: Good at knockback if she has it. Can usually stay alive due to high dodge/avoid/evade for pvp matches. Strafe can be used to attack multiple targets. Dealing physical damage, it can be strong, as long as she stays out of the chaos while shooting mad amounts of arrows. 8/10

Whirlwind, concentration, frenzy. Barbarian
Description: Great at being a meat sheild. Tends to not die whatsoever when using high amounts of life leeches and life tap. Excellent party member by casting Battle Orders, Shout, and Battle Cry. Can deal impressive amounts of damage. 8/10

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