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System Tweeks - Less Lag

Well, many people have problems with Diablo lagging (not because of connection, but because system performance). Well here are some ideas to help fix your lag. Also, this is a way to keep your computer at peak performance. I can assure you that none of these SHOULD cause a problem, and if they do, just contact me or someone with good computer knowledge to help you out. Well, here we go.

Well first I will say the basic stuff that you should do, even if your not running D2.

Disk Cleanup
This will get rid of stuff that just takes up more memory on your computer such as temporary internet files, files that aren't used and etc.

1) Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup
2) Check what you want "cleaned up"
3) Hit ok

1) Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Scandisk
2) Choose either standard or thorough (thorough obviously takes longer. If you choose thorough, start it before you go to bed, it may take a while)
3) Make sure the "Automatically fix errors" box is checked.
4) Choose the hard drive you wish to scan and hit start.

System Defragment
This will place files that have got moved around in your hard drive back to their correct place. Will make your computer run faster and smoother. Definately will help out with some of those problems.

1) Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Defragment

This may take a while. I suggest doing it while you sleep or are busy doing something else.

Registry editing
1) Start > Run
2) Type in the box "regedit" w/out the quotes.
3) Hit the + icon next to the HKey_Current_User. Then hit the + key next to software. Click on the folder and hit delete. Then hit the + next to the Blizzard folder. Click on the Diablo 2 folder and hit delete.
4) Follow the same steps for step three, except this time go under the HKey_Local_Machine folder instead of HKey_Current_User.

Adjusting the hardware accelerator for your video card
1) Right click on My Computer
2) Click Properties
3) Click the performance tab
4) Click Graphic Settings
5) Adjust the slider bar to the 3rd notch

Run your diablo in windows mode
This one is not recommended for hardcore players, if u click out of the screen, it can be deadly. It may take a while to get use to this type of play, but it definately reduces lag significantly.

1) Go to your diablo 2 shortcut (If you dont have one, make one on your desktop)
2) Right click and hit properties.
3) You should see a line that says 'Target : "C://Program Files/Diablo 2"'
4) Just change it to this: 'Target : "C://Program Files/Diablo 2" -w'

Other useful shortcuts you can put in your target line are:
1) -skiptobnet (Automatically goes to the closed realm that you last played on)
2) -multiclient (Allows you to load multiple instances of D2 with one cd-key. Just start a game like you normally would, and once your first character enters a game, anoter diablo will open allowing you to play on the same account. NOTE: You can join the same game. It would also be smart to use -w when using this shortcut)
3) -ns (No in game sounds. Great if ur listening to music or you just got tired of the sounds of Frozen Orb)
4) -title (this makes it so the bar on the bottom of your screen will say what you want it to. EX: -title "Diablo II", remember to use quotes)

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