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Diablo 2 Shrines

Shrines in Diablo II have been improved in numerous ways. Their names now reflect their action. Thus, the Experience Shrine increases the experience points you earn, while the Health Shrine restores your Life. Some shrines can be used again after they regenerate. Also, the effects of some shrines have a duration, as shown by the icon over the character's head when it is active. Other players can see this icon, thus providing warning about the character's enhancement. Below is a table of the shrines in the game.

Image Shrine Name Message Effects Duration Recharge time
Armor "Your skin hardens." Increases your base defense by 100%. 96 Sec. 5 Min.
Cold Resistance "You no longer fear cold." Raises your resistance to cold 75%. 144 Sec. 5 Min.
Combat "You feel ready for battle." +200% bonus your To Hit and Damage. 96 Sec. 5 Min.
Experience "Your experience teaches you well." Increases experience from kills by 50%. 144 Sec. N/A
Explosive "A circle of flame..." Causes damage when used and spews forth many fulminating potions. N/A N/A
Fire "A fiery death..." Fire bolts are released that damage you and anyone near the shrine. N/A N/A
Fire Resistance "You no longer fear fire." Raises your resistance to fire 75%. 144 Sec. 5 Min.
Gem "A marvelous gem..." Upgrades a random gem in the player's inventory one level. If no gems are carried, it shrine drops a chipped gem. N/A N/A
Health "You feel healthy." Fully replishes your Life. N/A 5 Min.
Lightning Resistance "You no longer fear lightning." Raises your resistance to lightning 75%. 144 Sec. 5 Min.
Mana "You feel recharged." Fully replishes your Mana. N/A 5 Min.
Mana Recharge "Your spiritual forces recover quickly." +400 % increase to the rate at which your mana refills. 96 Sec. 5 Min.
Monster "Devil's Advocate approaches..." Changes a monster near you into a unique monster. N/A N/A
Poison "A circle of death..." Causes damage when used and spews forth many choking gas potions. N/A N/A
Poison Resistance "You no longer fear poison." Raises your resistance to poison 75%. 144 Sec. 5 Min.
Portal "The freedom to go home." Creates a town portal. N/A N/A
Recharge ""      
Refilling "You feel refreshed." Fully replishes your Life and Mana. N/A 5 Min.
Skill "You feel more skillful." All your skills are at +2 while the shrine is in effect. Very powerful. 96 Sec. 5 Min.
Stamina "The world seems lighter." Grants you unlimited stamina. 192 Sec. 5 Min.
Well   Replenishes half your Mana and Life. N/A 2 Min.

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