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Server Hosting Bnetd PVPGN

Its a widely sought over thing to have the ability to host your own game servers for some of the popular mmorpg's these days.  Blizzard is just another one.  You can host your own games (Diablo, Diablo 2, Diablo 2 LOD, Starcraft, Starcraft Brood War, Warcraft 2, Warcraft 3, Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne, and the basic Chat Client) using this:

PvPGN is a BNETD mod which aims to provide support for all Blizzard clients (thus it supports all BNETD supported clients plus the most recent ones).  Once again you can host your own servers.

Note it is illegal and breaks the agreement with blizzard if you use this software.  For the same reason we are not hosting the files.  Just head on over to and grab the latest versions.  They have very helpful forums if you need help getting set up.

And just to start you off, here's a guide for setting up a Diablo 2 server.  It should be a somewhat similar process for any of the other games.

D2Closed for Dummies v4.6  by Gambit

Hopefully this will help you Windows users with the setup of D2Closed support for Diablo II & LOD v1.10's

+-WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW----------------------------------------------------------------+

#1) If you are having trouble with D2GS, don't try to repair your current setup. Just redownload and start fresh, and save your "charsave" folder to not lose any character data.

#2) If this isn't your first time configuring D2GS, and you are going to start fresh, run "regedit", and navigate to
and delete the "D2Server" registry key. If this was imported wrong, it could be the problem with your server.

#3) You may also have problems with your registry for PvPGN services, D2CS & D2DBS. Run "regedit" and navigate to
and delete the "D2CS" & "D2DBS" registry keys. These need to point to the updated location of the D2CS and D2DBS EXE's, or they will not launch correctly as services

#4) Understand that Diablo II Closed Realm support is created from a combination of four different servers/services.
----->a.) Player Vs. Player Gaming Network Server (PvPGN)
----->b.) Diablo II Game Server (D2GS)
----->c.) Diablo II Database Server (D2DBS)
----->d.) Diablo II Console Server (D2CS)

#5) Understand, Diablo II Game Server (D2GS) is only a Windows binary! There is no Source for this binary, so it has not been converted to other OS platforms. "DRU" (Divels R' Us), writer of D2GS, is a ghost, and has no known contact information. If you are hosting PvPGN on a non-Windows machine, you will need either a separate Windows PC to run D2GS, or type of Windows emulation, such as Virtual PC for Mac, or WINE for UNIX.

#6) Understand that D2Closed.exe is dead! It was the single file which ran the Diablo II Database Server (D2DBS) & Diablo II Console Server (D2CS) services. But fear not, it was replaced with the two separate files, D2DBS.exe & D2CS.exe, included in the PvPGN install, which do the same thing, only better.

#7) It's always best to use your computers REAL IP address, not the universal loopback (

#8) It is very important to decide where you want your Executable's and don't move them. For services to run properly, the applications need to remain in the same location

#9) If you are using any type of "No CD" cracks, or game loaders, donít be surprised if you are having trouble. A known issue when not using a crack is dropping right after a game starts.  I found that even Daemon Tools may cause problems.

#10) These instructions are for Windows 2000/2000 Server/XP/2003 Server

#11) "True" IP's &  "Public" IP's - Explained
Your "True" IP is the actual IP address assigned to your network adaptor as your OS sees it.  You can see this IP under the properties of your TCP protocol.  You may also type "ipconfig" from within the DOS command line, to see it.  This is the IP that other computers on your local network will communicate to you by.

Your "Public" IP is, the IP that the "Outside World Sees or Non-LAN clients" see.  Your "True" and "Public" IP differ when you have a proxy server, such as a router.  The Router is assigned the public IP, and then assigns local computer's fake IP's (usaully via DHCP).  To the World, it looks like all traffic is coming from the Router's Public IP.  It as actually traffic from the Local PC's going through the Router, the Router itself doesnít make network request.  Your "Public" IP can be obtained by going to  This only matters if you want to serve publicly, not JUST LAN games.

Confusing!!!  Yes, that is networking.  Just keep in mind, that LAN clients connect to your "True" IP, and WAN clients connect via "Public".


#1) A already working PvPGN directory (v1.6.6 Recommended)

#2) Diablo 2 Game Server (D2GS) (Beta 6 Required for Diablo 2 v1.10)
(Use WinRAR to extract to a folder in PvPGN directory, called "D2GS")

Files above can be found here:

#3) The following files copied into the new PvPGN\D2GS directory


a. Files must be taken from the installation directory of Diablo II LOD
b. Diablo must have the Lord Of Destruction Expansion installed
c. D2 Must be upgraded to v1.10
d. Missing any of these files will result in D2GS crashing with an error, or just closing silently
e. D2GS.exe, D2GSSVC.exe and d2server.dll are needed and included in the D2GS download

+-IP KEY-------------------------------------------------------------------------------+
We know that PvPGN with D2 Closed support is actually a combination of 4 daemons/processes.  Technically, you can have each daemon running on a different Machine/IP or all on one machine.  You can also have a NAT/FIREWALL/PROXY/ROUTER setup, which will change your config as well.

So let us start by making an "IP-Key" to refer to for the rest of the Tutorial.  Grab some paper and make a similar graph like below, listing A-G; R and P vertically.  Then match the correct IP to the letter using my graph.

[A]   =   "True" IP of your PvPGN server
[B]   =   "True" IP of your D2CS Server
[C]   =   "True" IP of your D2DBS Server
[D]   =   "True" IP of your D2GS Server
[E]   =   "Public" IP of your PvPGN Server
[F]   =   "Public" IP of your D2CS Server
[G]   =   "Public" IP of your D2GS Server
[R]   =   "Your Diablo 2 Realm Name"   (Example: "D2 Closed"; or "Hells Pits")
[P]   =      (This means bind to all IP's, can only be used in certain configs)

So if all my processes were on the Same machine with the true IP of and a Public of, A-D would be E-G would be

If my PvPGN server was on; D2GS on; D2CS; D2DBS on, but all sharing one Router which is, then

[A]   =
[B]   =
[C]   =
[D]   =
[E]   =
[F]   =
[G]   =

Got it?
The examples below will be using these IP's to better explain proper config.

+-D2GS CONFIG--------------------------------------------------------------------------+

Go to you D2GS folder, RIGHT-CLICK "d2gs.reg", and left-click "Edit".
Find "D2CSIP"="" & "D2DBSIP"="", and change the preconfigured IP's to the IP of the computer hosting the D2CS & D2DBS services.


Save and close.

Run the "install.bat" included with the D2GS download. Click "yes" when prompted
"Are you sure you want to add the information the registry"
(NOTE: D2GS has been registered as a service which will begin automatically,
the next time your computer restarts)

+-D2CS CONFIG--------------------------------------------------------------------------+

Open "d2cs.conf" in a text editor (located in PvPGN\conf folder). Find and change the following lines:

realmname = "[R]"

realname = "Hell Realm"

(NOTE: ADD quotes!!! Or else you Will have a problem if your realm name has
any spaces in it)

Also, edit these lines:

servaddrs = [B] or [P]:6113
gameservlist = [D]
bnetdaddr = [A]:6112

servaddr =
gameservlist =
bnetdaddr =

Save & Close "d2cs.conf"

+-D2DBS CONFIG------------------------------------------------------------------------+

Open "d2dbs.conf" in a text editor (located in PvPGN\conf folder). Edit these lines:

servaddrs = [C] or [P]:6114
gameservlist = [D]

servaddrs =
gameseverlist =

Save & Close "d2dbs.conf"

+-REALM CONFIG-------------------------------------------------------------------------+

Open "realm.list" in a text editor (located in PvPGN\conf folder). Find and change
the following line to match your setup (Include Quotes):

"[R]" "[REALM DESCRIPTION]" [B]:6113 [F]:6113

"Hell Realm"  "PvPGN Closed Realm"

Save & Close "realm.list"

+-STARTING SERVICES------------------------------------------------------------------+

#1) Run PvPGN.exe
#2) Run "install.bat" located in PvPGN directory (not the one in D2GS folder), this will install the PvPGN programs as services
#3) Logged in as an Administrator, Go to:
Start Menu -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools, and run "Services"
Find and start "D2DBS", "D2CS" and "Diablo 2 Closed Server" services. Also, make sure that the services stay started under the "status" column, if not, you fucked up somewhere. You should see some movement on the PvPGN log screen if you have it visible

+-FINAL STEP-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+

Go to:
Start Menu -> Run
type, "cmd" then press enter to get to command prompt

In command prompt, type:
"telnet [IP OF D2GS SERVER] 8888"

Return will be:
"password: _"

Type, "abcd123" as password

(NOTE: Once in Administrative Console, you can type "help" for a list of

Type, "passwd" to change the password you just entered to whatever you want

When finished resetting password, type
(example: "maxgame 50")

This will allow you to create the specified number of simultaneous Diablo games.
This value is "0" by default, meaning, it wonít allow the creation of any D2 games until it is modified.

All done..

+-TROUBLE SHOOTING------------------------------------------------------------------+

Having trouble with D2 Closed? Re-Check the steps above (especially the Registry related info). Make sure that all D2GS support files are in the D2GS directory (I know you think they are ok, but just re-check). Run Task Manager, and check to make sure the all required processes are running (PvPGN.exe, D2GS.exe, D2DBS.exe, D2CS.exe, if used; MySQL.exe). If a process is not staying in memory, it is closing itself. You will need to check the logs to see what is causing the process to close.

D2CS.exe ---> D2CS.LOG
D2DBS.exe ---> D2DBS.LOG
D2GS.exe ---> D2GS.LOG

Lastly, the order in which D2 Closed interacts, is another way to determine the problem.
PvPGN ---> D2CS+D2DBS ---> D2GS

Canít connect to you server at all, with any Blizzard game?
Network problems or problem with PvPGN.

Connect OK with all Blizzard games, D2 "Open B.Net" working, "Closed Realm" wont work due to "Realm is down"?
D2CS is not connecting to PvPGN, check "realm.conf" & "d2cs" and you may find your problem in one of the LOGs.

Connect OK with all Blizzard games, D2 "Open B.Net" working, "Closed Realm" WONT allow any new Diablo 2 games to be created, says "game creation is in que number 1"? (Or Something like that)
Diablo 2 Game Server (D2GS) takes over at this point, and is having trouble.  Most commenly the "Maxgames" settings is set to "0".

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