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Diablo 2 Expansion Monsters

Baal's Minion Baal's Minion -- Protected by a plethora of spikes, these demons are considered to be the most tactical and efficient worker in Baal’s Army. They are eager to serve any command that is bestowed upon them. They are large in size and have a ferocious melee attack gouging 16 razor sharp claws into anyone resisting their practices.
Minotaur Demon Minotaur Demon -- Minotaur Demons are raging, uncontrollable brutes and have the freedom to act independently from the other demonic troops on the battlefield. They are strictly melee fighters, but their devastating blows inflict both normal and magic damage.
Overseer Overseer -- Overseers are the large, brutish leaders of the Minions. Their main weapon is a barbed whip that they can use on their troops, throwing their subordinates into a bloodlust -- or even causing the minion to mutate its form and charge against the nearest opponent. Once a mutated Minion has reached its target, the Minion dies in a horrid explosion, causing massive damage to its target. The Overseer can also create a healing vortex that seeks out damaged Minions, allowing them to regain lost life.
Reanimated Horde Reanimated Horde -- This dark army comprises slain human warriors that have been raised from the dead to serve Baal. Larger in size and more aggressive than most skeletons and zombies, these un-living nightmares are capable of lunging from a distance to slaughter their prey.
Suicide Minion Suicide Minion -- The newest monsters created by Baal to serve in his army of destruction, they are stealthy, quick-footed, and unusually tough for their size. Bony knobs protrude from their thick hides, giving them added protection against melee weapons.

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