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Getting The Inferno Charm and Three Keys

By T.a.t.u97

This is to guide you on to how to get your Hellfire Charm, which contains 3+ To a random Character class, 10+ Amount of stats, 10+ Amount of resists, along with other great features. In order to get the charm, you must get through some tough bosses. You need to collect 3 sets of 3 different keys (Terror Key, Hate Key and Destruction Key). After receiving the keys, you put 3 different keys into your Cube and transmute them Only in Act 5 Hell. A portal should come up, either called "The Furnace of Pain" for Izual, "Matrons Den" for Lilith, or "Forgotten Sands" for Duriel. After killing one boss, you receive a body part (either Diablo's Horn, Baal's Eye, or Mephisto's Brain). After you receive the body part, you must find another set of three keys and repeat until you have all 3 body parts. After receiving the body parts, you put them in your cube and transmute it. A portal to Tristram will come up, where Diablo, Mephisto, and Baal are kindly waiting for you with an endless amount of minions. After you go through that hard task of defeated all 3 Bosses, you receive a Large Charm along with badges, that signify you have overcome this tough obstacle. Here is what you need to do to get that far.

Getting the Keys

To get the keys, you need to do the Following:

Kill The Countess (Act 1, Forgotten Tower) Drops the Terror Key

Kill The Summoner (Act 2, Arcane Sanctuary) Drops the Hate Key

Kill Nilithak (Act 5, Hall of Pain) Drops the Destruction Key

In order to obtain these keys, you need to do as many amount of runs to get them. There is a 1/34 chance he or she will drop these keys when you kill them. The best way to obtain these keys is to get a Sorceress who can handle Cold immunes (Countess is Cold immune, as well as most the monsters at Nilithak) and can teleport fast enough. That way many runs can be completed thus increasing your chances to get these keys. Also, it is not impossible for a Boss to drop 2 of the same keys at once. It has happened Twice to me in the same night.

Once all three keys are received, you should get a group of friends together to take on the Boss waiting for you. I recommend getting Smite Paladins, 1 or 2 sorceresses, and a Barbarian (If needed). I have had the most easiest time with a Smite Paladin, the Life leech and the life tap makes you almost invincible to these creatures. Transmute the cube and go inside the Portal (Only will work in Act 5 in Hell Difficulty). The portal will either be

The Furnace of Pain:Izual

Matrons Den:Lilith

Forgotten Sands: Duriel


This Uber Izual has much resists, My sorceress was doing 15k blizzard damage and he was getting healed by it. My advice is do not bring a Sorc to kill Izual. Bring a physical damage character, if anything. If you have to bring a sorc along, bring a fire sorc. I used my barbarian and a paladin to easily defeat him and collect the body part. Also, there are a lot of immune to Magic/Fire/Cold/Poison/Light minions around, which is also bad for any type of element. Best strategy is to just bring Physical damage characters.


Lilith I found to be the most difficult. She spits out poison that can really tear you down. Also her physical damage (when you stand too close) can REALLY take you out in about 2 hits. My advice is to bring a smiter pala and a couple of sorcs. Have the smiter pala attack her with smite, making her focus on him. The 2 sorcs stand back, casting their spell onto Lilith. The smiter should receive Life leech and/or Life tap (if items are Equipped to do so). That is the best strategy I have for you to defeat her. Also, using antidote potions can help, but she spits the poison so frequently it will not do a lot of help.


Duriel Spawns in the most random places in his Portal. One time it took some time to find him, the next time he was right up at the portal. My best suggestion is that you do the same thing you did with Lilith, with the Smiter paladin and the Sorceresses. Blizzard seemed to work fine Vs Duriel.

Once you collected your body part, continue to search for keys and open the portals until you have receive all 3 body parts (Horn, Eye, Brain). Once you have received those body parts, put them in your cube and transmute them to make the last and final portal, the portal to Tristram.

Portal to Tristram

The last and final portal after all this hard work. This is the most difficult one of all, because not only do you have to defeat one boss, but you have to defeat 3 at one time, along with an endless amount of spawning minions. What I recommend is you get a variety of type of characters to help you do this last mission. I would get something like a Bowazon to get rid of the minions, Couple of Smite paladins to attack the Boss, and sorcs to help them. First, I would take down Mephisto. He is the hardest one. He is using the conviction aura which can totally bring your resists down so much. Not only does he hit you with lightning attacks, but he does a hell of a lot of physical damage if you get too close. I suggest you get the Paladins on him with some type of lightning absorb or resists, either a shield with Lo runes or Gems, something to keep the light resists up. Get the paladins to distract him while you get the sorc to attack him. I recommend bliz sorc, it did the most damage. To keep the bosses from healing, have one person attack the boss and the rest heal, then trade off. If everyone goes to heal, you will come back to a rejuvenated Boss. Once Mephisto is dead, move onto Baal. Try to get the bosses separated from each other, so you do not have too much to handle. Baal goes down pretty easy with the same type of strategy used with the Smiters and Bliz sorc. Once he is defeated, move onto the last but defiantly not least Diablo. I recommend everyone attacking him, he has tough resists and takes quite a few blows. Smiters can take him down fairly fast, along with Bliz.


Once all the bosses are dead, an X amount of charms drop, based on the people in the game. There are the small "Standards of the Hero" charms, which basically are an award for going through this tough challenge. Then of course, there is the wonderful Hellfire Large Charm, which only one is dropped. This charm does 3 to a certain character class of skill, which is decided randomly, among the Stats and Resists. You can put this in your inventory, along with the Uber Clone Diablo's Anni charm. You can only equipt one Hellfire charm at a time, as if it was an Anni.

Hellfire Torch Stats:
+3 to a random class-skill
10-20% Resist All
+10-20 to All Attributes
Light Radius +8
25% Chance to cast level 10 Firestorm on striking (Diablo's Firestorm, it's huge)
Charged Skill: Level 30 Hydra (10 charges)

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