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Hellfire Charm Quest - Uber Tristram

by: Frozenhag

For the last few days a few of us have been hmming and hahhing over what builds and techniques we should use in conquering Tristam. We debated over entry order, single/multiple spawn, character types, builds, items, game plan while we were in Tristam, what mercs should wear, everything. No stone was left unturned. We had a few setbacks caused by testing various ideas, but few panned out until....

Today after a few hours of muling and charming up we finalized our plans and were prepared to carry them out exactly.

The conquering and strategies of defeating Tristam
The Group:
The core of the group was to have a BO barb, a druid with oak, a summoner, and three paladins: two smiters and the third being a salvation pally. That left two other spots open basically for anything -- we were going to fill them with an second druid and a multizon.

o The BO barb was for, well, BO.
o The summoner was for meatshields and only casts lifetap.
o Smiter #1 ran fant.
o Smiter #2 ran convic. (for lower def, and lowering of resists after UberMeph is dead)
o The third pally, was for salvation.
o Druid for oak.
o Multizon for clearing minions.

The Pregame:
Our next agenda was to get some additional resists besides the salvation aura. It was decided to make use of the new RW armor, Treachery. The plan was simple, make the portal, get BO'd, make a couple of armors and find somewhere to get hit without too much damage for fade to cast. The best spot for this of course is a fire, you'll have to stand in it and potential drink a potion, but for 288 seconds of 15%DR and 65% resist all, it was a small risk. The easiest place to find fire is Catacombs 4. Have sorc tele there if you're imatient. Equip the armor and stand in the fire, chugging a red to be safe. Once fade goes off, give the armor to the next person. (Next time we will each have an armor so as not to waste so much time).

Once fade has been cast on yourself, we called 'f' for notification, and reBO'd.

The Gameplan:
Okay we were ready, but alas what were we to do once we entered the portal. In a previous chat session we all went to regular Tristam to have a look around and formulate a gameplan. From the experiences gleened from other players it seemed that the portal always spawned at the same spot, i.e. on the right middle side of the two righthand building. (north of where the regular red portal usally exists.) It also seemed that the Ubers are in the middle of the town.

Armed with this knowledge, we felt the best plan of attack was to have the meat shields enter Tristam a half second or so before eveyone else -- use the 3 2 1 method here. Once down there we would all run to the upper right of the screen ignoring any and all monsters until we were all up there. If one followed we would deal with only when we all situated in the corner. From here we would wind counterclockwise hugging the upper wall and head to the lower right side of the screen. From this point on, we would creep slowly in and lure them outside the center of the town one-by-one.

The Battle:
We came up from the bottom and lured the first out. It was UberBaal, smiters went to whacking away at him, all the while he was spawning ghosts. After a minute he went down. We retreated back to the corner for a pause. We then went up the left side and tried to lure the next out; which happened to be UberDiablo. He is approzimately the same fight as the clone you all know and love... other than spawning additional Elemetally immune pit lords. He was going down fast as we furiously swung away, but unfortunately we were unlucky as we woke up UberMeph.

Luckily UberD was almost dead and the skellies were smart enough to start hammering the most dangerous of them all, UberMeph. Some of us finished off UberD and then we all proceded to take UberMeph down as he spawned skeleton mages upon us. I should point out here, that UberMeph's charged bolt is lvl 29 and will 1-hit the unprepared. So listen up all you out there, let the minions go in from the front but the rest of you, especially meleers, attack from the sides and rear.

The Finale:
The battle was fought by four Basiners, Cruel-SS, Blue_myridnn, Britannic and myself, along with four well mannered non-basiners. As Brit put it in '/f m' tonight:
"it was a model of classy behavior"

For our endeavors, we each received a Standard, the necro, maker of the game received the Hellfire Torch (it was +3necro too!!!), and we all received approximately 19.5 million in experience to boot. Not to mention alot of fun.

Also, special thanks to Rolento, and Trebek being part of the team even though they weren't online for this first run. But alas, there will be more fights to occur. May they all prove as safe!

At this point you're probably wondering gee, that's great and all, but how do you even get to the point to enter Tristam. Look no further, it's your lucky day.

The Hellfire Torch large charm quest
With the introduction of patch 1.11, Blizzard added a new "secret" Hell level quest into D2:LOD. This quest is rather involved. The first part requires you to gather keys from the Countess, Summoner, and Nihlathak.

The second part requires you to cube the keys and get three body parts from Lilith, UberDuriel, and UberIzual.

The third and final part, is to cube the three body parts which will allow you to enter Tristam at which point you have to defeat UberMephisto, UberDiablo, UberBaal, and their constantly summoning minions. Once the three Ubers are killed, a Hellfire Torch Large Charm will drop along with enough Standard of Heroes (victory medals) for each in the winning party member.

Details of the Keys:
You need to collect a total of nine keys, three of each from the following:
Key of Terror (1 in 14 solo runs) -- Countess
Key of Hate (1 in 11 solo runs) -- Summoner
Key of Destruction (1 in 12 solo runs) -- Nihlathak

o it is possible for multiple keys (up to 5) to drop on a kill.
o you can hold multiple keys of the same type at the same time.
o they seem to drop better with 3 or more players in game.

The best build for key farming is without a doubt a Lightning sorc with an Infinity polearm merc. Unfortunately, most of us will never ever see the runes to make this beast of a weapon. A fully synergied sorc with conviction is a site to behold. The next best runner in my opinion is your basic run of the mill sorc wearing Nature's Peace. After that it is really your choice, any of your high level elemental characters should be able to run the Tower, Arcane, and the Halls with few problems. If you are without elementals, any build will do.

To find the countess, go to the Black Marsh and find the tower. On each level of the tower, the quickest way to find the next level down is to following the lefthand wall. The Countess is fire and cold immune. To find the Summoner, just choose a direction and go. I seem to have the best luck going southwest, southeast, northwest, and finally northeast. The Summoner isn't immune to anything. To find Nihlathak, take the portal the the Halls of Anguish and then following this excellent post. Nilathak occasionally spawns with immunities.

Of these three levels, Halls is easily the most dangerous run. The two potential, bang your dead, problems are the Vipers whose poison clouds are _still_ bugged and Nihlathak's CE. With Nature's Peace, there will be no corpses to explode... unless your merc gets a kill in or two. If you are without a NP (like I am) lure the monsters out one side and kill them from afar, then approach Nihl from the other side ignoring the stragglers until he is dead.

Details of the Body Parts:
Once you have collected one of each key, i.e. a Terror, Hate and Destruction, go to Harrogath and transmute them in the cube. This will open randomly open one of three red portals to the new levels:

Matron's Den -- Lilith spawns here. It looks alot like one of tower levels. When she is defeated, you will receive Diablo's Horn as reward. Be wary of her poison, and she hits hard.

Forgotten Sands -- UberDuriel spawns here and will drop Baal's Eye when defeated. This area looks like Canyon of the Magi (the WP does not work). We had a good group, so he went down fast.

Furnace of Pain -- UberIzual spawns here and will drop Mephisto's Brain when defeated. The graphics here are similar to places such as Abaddon found in the Frigid Highlands. Izzy himself isn't to tough, but there are two things to be wary of. One is that Oblivian Knights can spawn here!!! You have been WARNED of the possibility of IM. The second being that the megadaemons are immune to everything except physical damage.

Due to the random nature of which level spawns, it is best to collect three of each key, and spawn all three levels in the same game. If you don't do them all in the same game you risk the chance that you will respawn the same level as you just defeated in a new game, causing you to most likely farm more keys. All the red portals for the HT quest behave exactly like the cow portal, once the game expires, the portal will no longer exist. Be sure to stand in different spots when creating the portals, least you create a portal behind another and then you will not be able to get to -- if you exit and reenter you might be able to have the other portal come to the front (this may need to be done numerous times..).

Note: Much of the game play and strategy for dealing with the Ubers in Tristam is above in the story of my first conquering of Tristam. This section will be a drop zone for tidbits of info I didn't explain well the first time.

In addition to what I've gleaned from all the sources and thread I can read and my first hand knowledge is that there are three big and nasty bosses here: UberD, UberBaal, and UberMeph. To get there, defeat the three lesser UberEvils, and cube the three body parts in Harrogath to spawn the red portal to Tristam.

o PMH does not work on any Uber.
o The Uber's start spawning minions from the ground as soon as you are detected. UberD spawns the same Pit Lords from the Furnace. UberBaal spawns ghosts and Dark Lords, and UberMeph spawns skeleton, skeleton archers, and skeleton magi.
o Meph has level 20 conviction, i.e. -125 resists.
o They can all teleport and move quicker than there normal versions.
o You can NOT cast a town portal.
o The red portal spawns in the same spot each time. On the right middle side of the two buildings on the right. (sic) Depending on the speed at which the level loads, it may seem that the portal is spawned on top of UberMeph. I believe that you game loads slow and the AI for Meph kicked in early. Similar to the Duriel problem a few patches ago.
o From my group it was agreed upon that the three Ubers start in the center of town in a triangle. UberD to the upper left, UberMeph to the upper right,and UberBaal to the lower left.
o Spawn the level with only one character in the game. I don't know if the Ubers spawn when the portal is created, or when you first wake them up -- if it is like everything else in the game, it's when they wake up -- so at this point it is just wishing.
o SAFETY TIP: a summoner should enter the portal first. A short second later everyone else follows. As soon as you get to Tristam run directly to the upper right hand corner. Circle around counterclockwise and go to the bottom left corner. From there lure out one boss at a time.
o you should have at least have a salvation pally, a summoner, and a smiter; all BO'd.
o Even if a paladin runs with a higher conviction level than UberMeph's, only he will benefit and none of his party will, i.e. UberMeph's conviction will still affect them.
o ideally, the necro casts only lifetap, but in our case decrep was sufficient. Dim vision on the minions is helpful.
o a link to about the big three and their minions.

With a well rounded party, this area isn't too bad. The minions are annoying and UberMeph can lay a nasty elemental whooping that could potentially 1-hit you. If you happen to get the portal swarmed its over, especially in HC.

Once you have defeated the three bosses, you will receive a Hellfire Torch Large Charm and enough Standard of Heroes for the victors.The Standard isn't anything other than a victory flag to show you've been to Tristam and lived. The LC is a bit more interesting.

Hellfire Torch Large Charm
+3 all skills to a random character class
+10-20 Attributes
+10-20 Resist all
+8 Light Radius
25% chance of casting Slvl 10 Diablo Fire Storm on striking
10 charges of Slvl 30 Hydra

            Phys Mag Light Fire Cold Pois   Block  Drain   Exp
UberIzual    30   75  75    75   110  75     0      50     3,179,200
Lilith       66   75  75    75   75   110    40     33     2,387,200
UberDuriel   50   75  75    75   75   75     50     100    2,648,000
UberMeph     20   75  110   75   75   110    50     0      3,409,600
UberDiablo   50   75  75    110  75   75     50     15     5,539,200
UberBaal     50   75  75    75   110  75     55     20     10,336,000

all are mlvl 110

Drain scale: 0 == unleechable, 100 == 100% leechable

Players in game at spawning, amount of HP of boss (Ladder and NonLadder)
1: 650,000 - 660,000
2: 975,000 - 990,000
3: 1,300,000 - 1,320,000
4: 1,625,000 - 1,650,000
5: 1,950,000 - 1,980,000
6: 2,275,000 - 2,310,000
7: 2,600,000 - 2,640,000
8: 2,925,000 - 2,970,000

                Area    Phys Mag Light Fire Cold Pois
Hell Tempress    MD      25   66  33    66   66   66
Vile Witch       MD      25   66  33    66   66   66
Flesh Hunter     MD      40   20  33    33   150  20
Dark Archer      MD      15   0   50    50   140  15
Black Lancer     MD      33   0   100   25   50   15
Swarm            FS      100  0   0     70   0    0
Sand Maggot      FS      40   0   25    100  25   105
Arach            FS      50   0   120   25   50   0
Scarab           FS      50   0   0     100  0    0
Pit Lord         FP/T    50   145 145   145  145  145
Oblivion Knight  FP      33   0   60    60   145  75
Overseer         FP      40   0   33    20   160  0
Imp              FP      0    0   115   25   25   0
Specter          T       100  50  0     0    50   100  (unconfirmed)
Skeleton         T
Skeleton Archer  T
Skeleton Mage
  Fire           T       33   0   0     130  50   110  (unconfirmed)
  Lightning      T       33   50  130   0    0    110  (unconfirmed)
  Cold           T       33   0   0     50   160  110  (unconfirmed)
  Poison         T       33   0   0     0    0    75   (unconfirmed)
Dark Lord        T  PhysI & CI (Amp breaks)          

** MD -- Matron's Den, lvl 83
** FS -- Forgotten Sands, lvl 83
** FP -- Furnace of Pain, lvl 83
** T -- Tristam, lvl 83

Monster HP per player count:
       Ladder                   Non-Ladder
1: 23,808 - 29,760           1: 17,056 - 22,320
2: 35,712 - 44,640           2: 25,584 - 33,480
3: 47,616 - 59,520           3: 34,112 - 44,640
4: 59,520 - 74,400           4: 42,640 - 55,800
5: 71,424 - 89,280           5: 51,168 - 66,960
6: 83,328 - 104,160          6: 59,696 - 78,120
7: 95,232 - 119,040          7: 68,224 - 89,280
8: 107,136 - 133,920         8: 76,752 - 100,440

Thanks to RTB, Thrugg, Adeyke, Britannic, Myrdinn for their mod reading skills. Also thanks to all the other posters and players who let me pick their brains.

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