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Paladin Guide - PvP Zealot

These are the stats I recommend:
Strength - 40 Strength. Without items you should have 65 Strength total.
Dexterity - Enough dexterity to have max block (with holy shield).
Energy - None
Rest into vitality (with hardly and points into Strength, your Vitality will be above 400 at high levels)

20 - Zeal
20 - Fanaticism
20 - Sacrifice
20 - Charge
20 - Holy Shield
These are the skills you will have when you character is level 95+. I listed the skills in order that you should max them as you level your character.

This is all the top end gear hard to find but the best.
Weapon: Botd Eth Zerker axe with 380+ ed.
Gloves: Either Steelrends or Draculs, both are good for PvP but I suggest Steelrends.
Rings: 2 x Crafter ring with dual leach, high Strength (10+), high Dexterity (10+) and res.
Amulet: Highlords Wrath. Use this for the +1 skills, ias, deadly strike, and lightning dmg.
Belt: Verdungos with 15 dr and 40 Vitality. 40 Vitality is a huge bonus, remember the more life you have the longer you live!
Armor: Enigma Dusk Shroud. This is extremely important for this paladin. With this you will be moving as fast as a sorc, killing faster, and also living longer.
Helm: Crown of Ages with 2 sockets and 15dr. The +1 skills, damage reduce, and 2 sockets makes this helm godly for duels.
Shield: Either Herald Of Zakarum (umed) with +4 combat skills and excellent block rate makes this a great shield for this build, or a Eth Exile with High Ed/Def, this gives the Defiance aura which makes it harder for them to hit you, it also has other great mods.
Boots: Either Marrowwalk or Sandstorm Trek. Both of these boots are good for a Hammeridian, so which ever you prefer.
Charms: 1x Annihilus (stats are more important then other mods)
7 x 5% fhr sc's until you reach 5 frames.
as many 5 res all sc's as you need to reach max resists in hell.
Then fill your inventory with 3/20/20s or 290s until you have 32 small charms.
On switch have HoZ and Call to Arms. For Battle Command and Battle Orders.

This guide provided courtesy of

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