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Barbarian Guide - PvP Concentration

This Barbarian can be very powerful in duels because they get huge life, attack rating and damage with the right equipment. This type of barb can be used in PvM but you will mainly just be a meat shield that cant die instead of a super fast killer because you can only hit one target at a time.

These are the stats I recommend:
· Strength - 75 (if you use a low +stats Annihilus you may want to put some more into strength).
· Dexterity - 100. This will give you a lot of attack rating, and also help you use some items.
· Energy - None.
· Vitality - The rest of your points go here.

20 - Concentrate
20 - Battle Orders (synergy to Concentrate, adds +10% damage per level)
20 - Bash (synergy to Concentrate, adds +5% damage per level)
20 - Axe Mastery
1 - Increased Speed
1 - Battle Command
1 - Natural Resists
Rest in Iron Skin

This is all the top end gear, hard to find but the best.
Weapon: Botd Ethereal War Pike with 380+ ed.
Gloves: Either Steelrends or Draculs, both are good for PvP but I suggest Steelrends.
Ring 1: Angelic set ring. Combined with the Angelic amulet it gives144-1188 attack rating(based on character level). If you do now want to use this ring use a Raven Frost
Ring 2: Perfect Raven frost. Use this for the attack rating and dexterity. An added bonus is the Cannot be Frozen mod.
Amulet: Angelic set amulet. Only use this amulet if you are using the ring from the set. If you would rather not use this amulet use a Highlords Wrath.
Belt: Verdungos with 15 dr and 40 Vitality. 40 Vitality is a huge bonus, remember the more life you have the longer you live!
Armor: Enigma Archon Plate. This is extremely important for this Barbarian. With this you will be moving as fast as a sorc, killing faster, and also living longer. Also the fact that the Enigma is in Archon Plate tells you that your amour will have good defense.
Helm: Perfect or near perfect Arreat’s Face with a 40/15ias jewel in it.
Shield: There is only one shield that is worth while for a PvP and a PvM Concentrate Barbarian and that is a storm shield with a 40/15ias jewel in it.
Boots: War Travelers. These boots give Vitality, Strength and damage.
Charms: 1x Annihilus (+stats are more important then other mods), and then 31 x 3/20/20.
On switch 2 x Echoing weapons.

This guide provided courtesy of

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