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Realm Down Fix

By: Matrix223

Most people don't realize, but the first step in preventing realm down IP bans begins with your own actions.  Its not how many games you create in a specific amount of time...Its how much time you spend in the "lobby" area between your previous game and your potential new game you'll be creating.  To prevent realm downs its helpful to leave some extra time between this process.  Vary it between 5-10 seconds and you should really never get IP banned due to creating games too quickly.

Ok, but what if something else goes wrong and you get it anyways, what do you do?  A while back we experimented with using various IP spoofers to see which worked the best.  Through this a half decent program was found:
The full thing is not free but there is a usable version of it to suit our needs.  This program can fool your computer into thinking you have a different MAC address then you actually do, thus changing your IP address.  Some of this is dependent on your ISP and how it works.  Because even if you change your Mac address the first three sets of your IP will always be the same.  (IP:  So say your IP is  After changing your MAC address and rebooting quickly (hey its better then waiting 30 min or usually longer for realms to go back up) your IP might look something like this:  Like I said this is completely dependent on how your ISP works.  Also note that you cant do this through a router because a router has its own MAC address as well which is seen before the one you set on the computer.  If this is the case you don't even need to use this program.  Simply don't use your router for a while because by plugging directly into the wall, your new IP will be based off the MAC address of your computers vs the routers.

Remember if you do get a Realm down error, don't repeatedly login because it appears that when you do this, the amount of time it takes to go away tends to stack or even multiply in extreme cases.  If you're not going use the above method or if you do and it still fails you'll want to leave the game alone for at least an hour to be safe that when you log back in you wont get it again.  If you log in and still see it you may want to wait an additional 2-3 hours.

Hope this helps some of you get playing again.  The program is simple and easy to use but if you need help you can post in the forums:  And of course if anyone knows of another good IP spoofing program post any info there as well.

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