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A (or C) Toggles Character Attributes screen on/off.
B (or I) Toggles Backpack/Inventory screen on/off.
O Toggles Hirable Inventory screen on/off.
W Toggles between primary and secondary weapon/shield configurations.
P Toggles the Party screen on/off.
M Toggles the Message log on/off.
Q Toggles the Quest log on/off.
H Brings up the Help overlay.

T Toggles Skill Tree screen on/off.
S Toggles mouse button Skill menu overlay on/off.
F1 through F8 Readies (or sets) the associated Left or Right Mouse Button Skill.
unassigned - Eight more skill hotkeys that operate like F1 F8. You must assign them in the Control Configuration screen.
Mouse wheel up Scrolls up through all hotkeyed (F1-F8) skills in the Right Mouse Button slot.
Mouse wheel down Scrolls down through all hotkeyed (F1-F8) skills in the Right Mouse Button slot.
~ - Toggles a belt larger than 1x4 open/closed.
1, 2, 3, and 4 Uses the item in that belt slot.

Enter Opens/closes In-Game Chat overlay.
Ctrl Hold down to run.
R Toggles auto-run mode on /off.
Shift Hold down while clicking the left or right mouse button to use that skill while standing in place.
Alt Highlights all items dropped on the ground.
Z Toggle all party member portraits on/off.

Tab Toggles the Automap on/off.
V Toggles the MiniMap location between upper-left and right corners.
Home - Centers the fullscreen Automap (if NumLock is off). F9 Centers the Automap on the player.
F10 Toggles Automap fading on/off.
F11 Toggles party member display on/off in Automap.
F12 Toggles player/NPC name display on/off in the Automap.

Numeric Keypad Voice communication (turn NumLock on for the following)
0 Player character says, "Help!"
1 Player character says, "Follow me."
2 Player character says, "For you."
3 Player character says, "Thanks."
4 Player character says, "Sorry!"
5 Player character says, "Bye."
6 Player character says, "Die."
7 Player character says, "Retreat!"

Print Screen Saves the screen to your Diablo II directory as "screenshotX.jpg."
Spacebar Cancels all the above screens and overlays to return to gameplay.
N Clears all text messages from the screen.

Using the Esc Menu
Press the Esc key to bring up the menu. Press Esc again to return to the game. Click on a menu entry to cycle through the settings. Click on a slider to move the skull to that setting. If an option is dimmed, it cannot be adjusted in the current graphics/sound mode or another option setting has disabled it.

The Esc Menu has the following structure:

    OPTIONS (brings up the submenu of options)

      SOUND OPTIONS (brings up the submenu of sound options)

        SOUND: master volume slider (right is louder)
        MUSIC: volume slider for music (right is louder)
        3D SOUND: ON or OFF (OFF disables 3D BIAS and ENV. EFFECTS)
        3D BIAS: balance slider for 2D/3D audio effects (move farther right for more 3D volume)

      VIDEO OPTIONS (brings up the submenu of video options)

        RESOLUTION: 640x480 or 800x600
        LIGHTING QUALITY: LOW, MEDIUM, or HIGH (when HIGH, lighting is smoothest)
        BLENDED SHADOWS: ON or OFF (when OFF, shadows are pure black)
        PERSPECTIVE: ON or OFF (only in 3D accelerated modes, not 2D DirectDraw)
        GAMMA: slider for brightness/contrast
        CONTRAST: slider for contrast

      AUTOMAP OPTIONS (brings up the submenu of Automap options)

        FADE: NO, CENTER, or EVERYTHING (when CENTER, the Automap is more transparent near you)
        SHOW PARTY: YES or NO (when YES, shows all party members on Automap)
        SHOW PARTY NAMES: YES or NO (when NO, omits showing party member names)

      CONFIGURE CONTROLS (brings up keyboard/mouse control configuration screen)

    SAVE AND EXIT GAME (saves your character, exits the game, and returns to

Using the Mini-Panel
Press the mini-panel toggle button (located in the center of the control panel at the bottom of the screen) to raise and lower the mini-panel at the bottom center of the screen. Click on the mini-panel buttons (in order from left Character, Inventory, Skill Tree, Party Screen, Automap, Message Log, Quest Log, and Exit Menu) to bring up the appropriate screen or overlay.

Using Ctrl Running
Press and hold 'Ctrl' to run. Running outside towns uses Stamina. Be careful not to let your Stamina run out if you are being chased. If your Stamina reaches zero, your character begins walking instead and cannot run. If that happens, you must release 'Ctrl' and stand still for a few seconds to begin recovering Stamina. After your Stamina has started increasing, you may walk and continue to recover Stamina. This recovery continues until it reaches your character's maximum.

NOTE: You may also run by tapping the 'R' key to toggle auto-run mode on. Tap it again to go back to walking mode.

Using Alt Highlighting Items on the Ground
Press and hold 'Alt' to highlight any items (weapons, armor, potions, scrolls, gold, etc.) that you can pick up from the ground. The name of the item class appears above the item in the following color code:

White = Normal Item
Grey = Non-magical Socketed or Ethereal Items
Blue = Magic Item
Green = Set Item
Yellow = Rare Item
Gold = Unique Item

Click on the name (or the item, itself) to pick it up.

Using Shift Standing and Attacking
When you want to attack with the left or right mouse button skill without moving to the target of the attack, hold the 'Shift' key down.

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