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Diablo Mac Files

Note that new Mac hacks have not been made for Diablo 1 for a long time.  Some of these may no longer work but are the most current versions available.

70 MB Diablo Demo Mac
Here is the demo version of Diablo. You get the first 3 levels and then its over. If I were you I wouldn't waste time downloading this. Just go out and get the full version. Its really cheap.
2.1 MB Diablo Patch Mac
This is the official Diablo patch directly from Blizzard.  Download it from here or log on to B-net to get the latest version.
43 KB Diablo Edit v1.3.1
This is Diablo Edits most recent version. This is probably the best trainer u will find for the Mac unless something new comes out. Moderately difficult to use if you are have no experience with Mac or PC Diablo trainers. Finds character faster. Now has easier to use menus. Character editing. Also has mana lock, life lock, and spells=skills lock modes. But once again u must keep it in window mode to do so. Supports importing and exporting PC format .itm files. Also has an item editing option. And will work with any version of Diablo up to 1.0.7
240 KB DieBlo v1.3
The new version of DieBlo! This would be a real kick ass trainer except it doesn't work for v1.0.7 of Diablo. It only works for v1.0.4 and lower. Its still nice to have cause u can edit your charter in a 1.0.4 version and then put the char file back in your 1.0.7 (NOTE: if u need help with this e-mail me). DieBlo also has some awesome new features like DieBlo Radio, and chat control interface. You'll understand when you download it, believe me it's worth it. Make sure you read the help file. (Go to the apple menu and select about DieBlo)(Possibly might require SpeechLib)
16 KB SpeechLib
This is the extension that DieBlo asks you all for that you don't have. Just drop it in your system folder, restart and vwualla! It works!!
39 KB The Diablo Font For Mac (Exocet)
This is the only copy I have ever found of the font. Have fun :)
500 KB ResEdit
This is a editing program for the Mac. It will edit other programs
5 KB Spams text
Some of these are fun to play with... a few don't work too well but its good...all u have to do is copy and paste...just don't do it too fast or you'll get kick from b-net and have to relogin.
1 KB Item Name Changer
Change the name of your items.
719 KB Stuffit Expander 5.5
You can use this program to open up any of the files here.

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