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Diablo 1

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Diablo "ITM" Item Files

287 KB 2000 items
This pack has about 2000 items in it right off the CD.
10 KB Books, Scrolls, Elixirs
All the books, scrolls, and elixirs in the game.
5 KB Bucklers
15 bucklers.
24 KB Caps
81 caps.
6 KB Cool Stuff
This little pack has 24 items cool stuff in it: Gilian the barmaid ring.ITM, Diablos-TRICK.ITM, Diablo-Book.ITM, Lazarus shadowlight.ITM, Darkforge.ITM.
2 KB Crash.itm
Here is one kick ass crash item. Very useful. Careful with it though. If you don't know what your doing you could really mess up stuff. My advice is to keep backups of everything.
84 KB HackedCool
All the hacked shit that I have ever found. About 250 items.
15 KB Legit Stuff
55 ligit items.
3 KB Strange Items
7 strage items
39 KB Unidentified Legit Itm's
147 legit items in unidentified form.
36 KB Uniques
119 unique items waiting to be identified.
131 KB Never Put In Diablo Itm's
Heres a bunch of items that blizard never put in diablo.
16 KB Item Crash
Another itm nuke to import and crash people with.
1 KB Magic Item Crash
More itm nukes.
1 KB Diablo Items
All of the Diablo items in they game. These things deffinately aint legit.
1 KB Gnarled Root Items
Gnarled Root Items - just what it says ;)
38 KB Mage.exe (items)
Stuff specifically for a mage player.
27 KB Rouge.exe (items)
Stuff specifically for a rouge player.
59 KB CC Items
Heres a collection of 48 items, Diablo Hack, a Character File, and a Hack File.
1 KB Dreamflang Items
Dreamflang items.
5 KB Fire and Carnage Items
Collection of 16 Fire and Carnage Items.
1 KB Godly Items
Godly items
4 KB Elixirs
15 good elixirs. These are hacked so you cant give them to people. If your a legit player looking for help import these and drink them...people wont know you hacked it that way. :)
1 KB

Invisible Nova Scroll
Iv never tried it but its suppost to make a blast of nova that only you can see. Import a lot of them and use them to pk I guess.

103 KB Magic Items
And yet some more magic items. This is suppost to be all the magic items in the game. These should be legit.
10 KB Quest Items
All the quest items in the game needed to complete a single player game.
2 KB Nathans Items
Contains about 5 hacked items made by Nathan.
22 KB jgoddi Items
This contains 78 of the jgoddi items, books, and a few other goodies.

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