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Diablo Multiplayer Quests

Quest Given From: The Wounded Townsman
Quest Summary: First find the room with the Butcher in it. It should be a room on Level 2 with many slain bodies inside. If you are a Warrior, obtain a shield, a sword, some leather armor, and many healing potions on your belt. Open the door and let him come to you. When he gets close to you, try to get off the first hit. With luck, you should be able to pummel him to death with your sword while taking minimal damage. If you are a Rogue, open the door and run back. Hit and run while firing arrows into him until he dies. If you are a Sorcerer, open the door and make sure he sees you cast a Fire Wall spell in his chamber, then shut the door. He should succumb to the flames. After he dies, pick up the Butcher's Cleaver, a unique item.

Quest Given From: Ogden
Quest Summary: Enter his tomb on the third level. Within the tomb you should kill all the enemies, then approach the two levers. Switch the lever on the left (east room) to open a door to a room with a couple of chests. Check the chests for useful item inside. Once you do that, go back an switch the lever on the right (west room) to open the way to the Skeleton King. Try to get to the Skeleton King as quickly as possible to kill him, for he will resurrect other skeletons if you attack them first. Holy Bolt works nicely on him, and hand to hand combat with him could prove to be fatal. MULTI PLAYER: You can find Skeleton King on 3 level of dungeon. Skeleton King can't resurrect his minions in multi player.

Quest Given From: Cain
Quest Summary: Search Level 15 until you find the Staff of Lazarus. Once you find it, pick it up and head back to town with it. Talk to Cain, and he will notice the owner of the staff and explain to you how Lazarus must be killed at this point of time. He will take the staff from you and send you on your way. Head back down to Level 15 and you will find a Red Portal near the marble pentagram. Enter the portal to enter Lazarus Lair. Once you enter his lair, proceed to go through it killing all the Hell Spawns and other enemies you find. Once you have cleared out all the enemies you can find, go search for a gray circle on the ground (there should be two or three). Enter it, and you will be in an area where some Hell Spawns were. Enter the other gray circle, and you should be in another area where Hell Spawns were. Now retreat to where you started the level at. A third gray circle should be on the ground. Enter it to go straight to Lazarus. After the cut scene of him, you should start off in a room with Lazarus and many Hell Spawns. Lazarus will be talking, and the Hell Spawns will just be sitting there. Take this point in time to run down the hall. When he is done talking, the Hell Spawns will come after you little by little. Kill them off until only Lazarus is left. Find Lazarus, and kill him to complete the quest. Stone Curse works nicely on him if you can't get him to hold still... MULTI PLAYER: Lazarus can be found on 15 level in a special room.

Quest Given From: Cain
Quest Summary: After you have killed Lazarus, head back to Cain in town. He will now tell you of the quest of Diablo, Lord of Terror. Retreat back down to Level 15, and walk into the pentagram to enter his lair. To make this level very simple, fight your way down to the lower-left hand corner of the map. There you should find an enclosed room, with many enemies and monsters scattered around it. Kill them all, and ready a spell or scroll of Telekinesis. Inside the room you should be able to see two levers. Both must be pulled in order to open the room with Diablo in it. Use Telekinesis to pull them both. Then head down to the lower-right hand corner of the level. You should find Diablo there along with many other enemies. Try to lure just Diablo out of the room. Once you do, lead him to some other part of the level away from all other monsters. Once it's just you and him, go in for the kill. DIABLO HIT POINTS: On Normal: 1666, on Nightmare: 5098, on Hell 6864.

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