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Note that some of these tricks may work best (or only) in later versions of Diablo.  Though many of them should work for the current versions.


Duping is the duplication of items. Every item on the game can be successfully duplicated. Duped items are just as good as the original, they are permanent and will not disappear from your inventory.

Wow, so I can copy an item. What good does that do me?
You dumbass!! Think about it you can do anything now. You can dupe piles of gold, or dupe items to sell them for gold. You can dupe your items for friends, or to trade with others. The possibilities are endless.

1. Make sure there is room in your inventory for the item to be duped.

2. Take the item out from your inventory, and drop it on the ground ( best if in front of you.

3. Make sure you have anything, like potions, elixirs, and even scrolls on your belt. I know for fact these work for Mac's.

4. Close your inventory, and walk away from the item. Does not matter how far. I suggest far enough so you can have your pointer ready on your belt.

5. Walk back to the item, as soon as you are about to pick it up QUICKLY click anything on your belt. Has to be at the same time. If successful the potion ect.. will say the name of the item, then drop it. Then it will be in your inventory and on the ground.

**NOTE: Make sure you are in a game with no lag, or else duping will prove to be very frustrating, if not impossible. Donąt expect to get this right off, it takes a few tries to get it the first time, and then you need to practice.


1. Fist make sure you have or are wearing an armor or helm that gives you HP's. GPOW or HPOM Royal Circlet, Godly Helm of the Whale or Mammoth.

2. You will need a mana shield spell.

3. Cast Blood Star (I found works best and faster) till your life gets to about say 50. 100 or less works also. Best is to get it as low as possible with killing yourself.

4. Cast Mana Shield.

5. Take your armor or helm off.

Your HP's should reach Zero. Test it out, approach somr creatures, or have a freind throw everything they have at you. You will not die! How do I know this works. I have tried it and is using it as we speak. BUT REMEMBER, Before you go thru a portal or stairway, put your armor back on, or you will see yourself dead in the next level or town. Once you get down to that level ect... repeat 4 and 5. Now you can show up those pesky PK's. I also found it easier, if you do decide to use this, to have Mac Diablo Edit, hack your character HP's to as low as you can get. Hahaha no minus's on your HP's you will regret it, or use cursed items. WHY, well if you are using the trainer it makes it easier to lower you HP's, and get low faster. Have fun!!!


Get enough -% light radius equipment that you reach -80% light radius, once you do this monsters in hell (mot sure about caves) wont attack you because they cant see the light you give off, you might say "If my light radius is so low how the hell can I see where I am going?" the answer, use infravision scrolls to see monsters and the occasional holybolt to illuminate walls (use holy bolt because if you hit a monster then it will attack you, but holy bolt only hits the undead, and beware that if you stand next to a monster he will activate too) This basically allows you to engage units 1 by 1, but since u cant target with infravision hold down shift and fire at them because your cursor wont illuminate.
special thanks to Chris for this cheat


First thing you have to do is drop everything you are carrying downstairs. Then go upstairs. Save the single_?.sv file to something like 'money'. Now go down again pick up everything and go up once more. Then save 'cheat' to single_?.sv again. Go downstairs and you can get everything again. Another words your restoring you charter over and over again. This works it a multi and single player game. And it works with the mac too but the file names are different. If you having trouble e-mail me.


Thing there is no way to stop a pk with god. Well now there's a way around it. There is a glitch that you can take advantage of to kill those so call "invincible" pks that piss you off. First, hot key your spells and to assign a key to fireball and heal other. Here's the tricky part. You must hit them with a fireball and then heal them with the heal other spell. Sounds simple right. NO. This must be done very fast. Their hit points should turn negative and then they should die. Iv tried it and haven't gotten it to work but I have some knowledge in negative numbers for HP's. Let me tell you it is possible to get a negative number.


1)Go To Start And Choose Run.
2)Type "REGEDIT" And Press OK.
4)Open "Software".
5)Open "".
6)Open "Configuration".
7)Choose "Client ID".
8)You Should Now Have The Choice Of Using Hexcidecimal, Or Decimal. I Would Recomend That You Use Decimal, Because That Way You Can Type The Exact # You Would Like To Have. But If You Are Good With Hexidecimal You Can Go Ahead And Change It.
-Don't Change Any Of The Other Settings Unless You Know What You Are Doing.
-Sometimes Your Folder Can Be Located In Other Places. So Keep Looking If You Can't Find It.
-This may also allow you to become unban in channels...I am not yet sure cause I have yet to try it.


Those monsters always seem to hang around your stuff when you die. Thus you will need to create a diversion to draw them off. Bring your character back to the site of the accident and create a portal. Make sure the monsters there see you then run away from the town portal (preferably in a direction without any other monsters) taking the monsters with you. Make sure you are carrying nothing. Because when they catch you, and they do, you will lose nothing but the free health that Peppin gave you. Once you hit Restart in Town (not new game), just pop into the portal, grab your goodies, and kick some butt.


Let's say you have a boss that you are having trouble killing. Get rid of your stuff you are holding and leave it in town. Then, stand still and wait for the monster to run at you. Now, cast a firewall spell (or more if you want) right next to you. They will stupidly step into the flames just to attack you. Sit there and let them attack you. Just wait until they die in the flames then restart the game in town. Often other enemies with do this so it might be good to make a square around yourself with the firewall.


When casting spells like chain lightning people normally only do it one at a time until they run out of mana. Here's a way to get more out of it. When you find a big load of enemies or even one or two keep right clicking as fast as you can and it lets you pull off a few more spells then you are spending mana for.


For those of you who don't have huge amounts of mana & aren't really that big on magic, like my L27 Fighter, the phasing spell can be used like teleport with similar effects. Walk up to a wall & right click some where in the room on the other side of the wall. Two out of three times you will actually go where you clicked.


Use Hex Workshop to edit lines 00000100 and 00000110 of any item file to change it's durability to indestructible. Keep in mind that the item file will not have all 0's like this chart.

00000100 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 ................
00000110 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 ................

00000100 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 FF00 0000 ................
00000110 FF00 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 ................

Change only the FF00 in line 00000100 and the FF00 in line 00000110.


Use Hex Workshop to edit lines 00000100 and 00000110 of any staff item file to change it's durability to indestructible and it's charges to 255. Keep in mind that the item file will not have all 0's like this chart.

00000100 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 ................
00000110 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 ................

00000100 0000 0000 FF00 0000 FF00 0000 FF00 0000 ................
00000110 FF00 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 ................

Change only the FF00 in line 00000100 and the FF00 in line 00000110. This is how those apco, nova, ect staffs have 255 charge.

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