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Content Contributions
This page will explain how to submit your Walkthroughs, Reviews, Strategies, Guides, or New Cheats to us.  If you have something other then one of these things to submit please email us first. or post in the forums:

Format Requirements:
-A simple ".txt", ".doc" (Microsoft Word) or ".html" file (if your content includes images) is perfect for us.
-Keep the text content on the page expandable.  Another words...if you make the window smaller/bigger, the text will wrap accordingly.

Preparation and Submission:
-When you have your content ready for submission, ZIP or RAR up all file(s).
-Proceed to our forums "Content Submission" area located here:
-Please make sure you review the posting instructions and then post according.

*If your planning to submit a lot of content over time, feel free to email us through the form located at: to become a staff member.  You can also review this page if your interested:

Guidelines & Notes:
-Please do not use someone else's content and put your name on it.
-Make sure all your info that you want is either in the post or in the content if you wish to receive recognition for your contribution.  This includes things like Name, Email, Website Name ect.
-Not all content we receive is posted.  If we already have something up identical to your submission it is unlikely we'll post a second one.  Neatness, spelling is also taken into consideration before we post submissions.
-We usually post new content that we accept within a week, but if its a very busy time of the year it might take a bit longer.  Usually when you post in the forum an admin will confirm whether or not your content will be posted and when.

We want to thank anyone who takes the time to do this as you are not only helping us build these sites, but your helping the people who are viewing it most of all.  Thank you for your contribution and remember to keep in touch with the forums: